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Delicacies of Dubai to Savor Post the COVID Hiatus

Delicacies of Dubai to Savor Post the COVID Hiatus

Dubai is a hotbed of business and tourism. People from all corners of the globe come here to enjoy warm hospitality and remarkable tourist attractions. Emirati cuisine is world-famous too, offering a sneak peek into the Arabian culinary experience. Both vegetarians and non-vegetarians are spoilt for choice here. Mumbai and Dubai, being coastal regions, enjoy a plethora of seafood options, which are pure gastronomical delights.

However, if you have booked Mumbai to Dubai flights, don’t forget to relish the typical Middle East platters. Take a look at the best delicacies below.

Stuffed Camel Meat
If you are a hardcore carnivore, consider savoring this traditional dish of Dubai. The Guinness Book of World Records declared it to be the largest food in the world. Prepared with exotic ingredients, the meat is used in stews, sandwiches, and burgers. This luxurious dish is mainly prepared during certain festivals like Eid or Bedouin ceremony. Additionally, do try the slightly salty but protein-rich camel milk.


Mumbai houses several interesting Shawarma places. However, in Dubai, you will get to experience the food in the most authentic manner. It is made from slow-roasted and spiced strips of tender chicken, lamb and mutton, rolled into pita bread pieces with tomatoes, lettuce, and sauce. One bite of this street food is a whole experience in itself.  You can also try the delicious Mexican varieties, which burst into flavor inside your mouth.


This delicacy comes as a break from the grand Arabic meals and is ideal for light eaters. It is a Levantine salad with an exciting arrangement of finely chopped herbs, Bulgur wheat, cucumbers, parsley mint leaves, tomatoes, and onions. Before serving, it is sprinkled with fresh lime juice and olive oil. If you are looking for healthy options, this is a renowned dish in Dubai. 


This Bedouin sweet flatbread is a traditional Arab cuisine. After deboarding your Mumbai to Dubai flights, head straight to AI Wasl Road. Here, you can try mouthwatering khameer stuffed with meatballs, beef, vegetables, fresh dates, honey, or cheese. Eggplant khameer pizza, baked zatar khameer and lamb khameer sandwiches are must-haves too.


This is a unique salad made from pieces of fried pita bread. If you wish to have a refreshing meal after deboarding your flights from Mumbai to Dubai, Fattoush can be your ideal choice. It is a smooth blend of tomatoes, cucumbers, and pomegranates, making the dish look appealing and taste delicious. This can act as a starter to the main course or simply a delightful evening snack.


Originated in Lebanon, the dish gradually migrated to Middle East countries. Today it is quintessential Dubai snack that tourists and locals love to relish. Fava beans and ground chickpeas are mashed with tangy ingredients and molded into little balls. These are then deep-fried to achieve a crumbled texture. You can either eat them standalone with tahini sauce or have them stuffed between bread slices for a full meal.

After you book your Dubai flight ticket, don’t forget to learn about the various spices and ingredients the city is famous for. Bring some back home to try to recreate those above-mentioned dishes.

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